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No right or wrong way to enjoy whisky...but!

There is whisky and then there is the scotch whisky. The difference is purely on the location of distillation and flavours – not forgetting the age statements (how old the whisky is – it can be as old as 60 years).

Anyways, scotches are strictly from Scotland with distinctive flavours and blends. You may think you know your whiskies but mixologist Joram took us all back to school during the Love Scotch Affair launch at Molecule Lounge in Kololo last week.

Loving your whisky alone may not be enough; you may need some culinary knowledge as well because not every whisky can start or end a meal. Not every Scotch is meant to be shared with friends or colleagues. Also, not every whisky can pair up well with a steak.

Because the amber-coloured John Walker Black Label is bold and heavy-bodied, giving off harsh and rough finishes and long legs after a swirl (a must for all whisky lovers), it should best be paired with the roast beef tenderloin.

This particular tenderloin was on a bed of white cheese with a mix of peppery flavours from the mushroom sauce in the middle and fully flavoured spinach on top. I kid you not, this pairing brings out the best savoury spicy, spiky and smoky tastes from both the Black Label and the tenderloin.

The sushi roll with crispy chicken in the middle was best paired with the 12-year-old medium-bodied Singleton with its burning sensation, honey-sweet and caramel fruity flavours.

It is more soft and more inviting and this is the one you should be easily sharing with friends and family. The sushi will also unlock the roasted nutty and citrus flavours in the Singleton.

The John Walker Green Label which in essence is pale yellow should be your dessert finish-off, especially cakes (cheesecake in particular).

It is equally spicy smoky and more smooth and savoury with complex cream flavours of vanilla with a smooth flow. For all whiskies, adding a dash of water will lessen the smokiness and bring out all the base flavours.


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