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Price to pay for Entebbe’s low food prices

There may not be the menacing crisscrossing boda bodas, street children, dirty streets or vendors as in Kampala, but perhaps there is a small price to pay for being the diplomatic city of Uganda.

Entebbe may easily come off as dull for many Ugandans used to the vibrance of Kampala. And the food? With all the hotels and malls, you are spoilt for choice – from continental, Mexican, and Indian to local cuisines. But one thing that any Kampalan regular diner will notice right away in Entebbe’s eateries is the slow service, low portions and low prices.

Of course, these portions are normal to the many expatriates who reside here and are the majority customers, but a slight shock to the irregular visiting diners.

Poor/slow customer service seems like a normality here; a surprise, given the large foreign dining community which you expect the eateries to bend over backwards for.

Take for instance Tasty Trailer restaurant, Imperial Entebbe Golf View Hotel, Protea Hotel and even KFC; all have one thing in common, sluggish table waiting. After a long wait, sometimes you might be too frustrated to genuinely and fairly rate the food, but Tasty Trailer’s food is tasty.

The matooke may not be the smooth banana leaves steamed one that a Ugandan diner expects, but it can pass for a foreigner who won’t know the difference. The pumpkin and sweet potatoes come in the form of nuggets and the rice is just a few spoonfuls.

Surprisingly the local chicken stew will come with one of the biggest local chicken pieces and is well cooked with a distinctive sweet aromatic taste, all at just Shs 15,000.


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