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Three is a crowd: David needs plan B

(Continued from last issue)

David and Diane have been married for years; then there is Julie, the young secretary whose axis collides with the couple’s in ways none of them saw coming.


From the time David agreed to come to the apartment, to the time he actually arrived (thankfully on time), my anxiety levels were on a steady rise; so, by the time he walked in at four (as usual letting himself in), I was practically a nervous wreck.

He had found Junior playing on the living room floor when he arrived, and ignoring me beyond a cold nod in my general direction, he had made a beeline for him, picking him up to bounce him on his knee as he sat down.

“Can I get you some juice or coffee?” I offered meekly.
“No; this isn’t a social call; I’m here to see my son and that’s it!” he snapped.
“Why? You’re mad at me for nothing, because there’s nothing going on between Kenneth and I,” I pleaded.

“Like I told you, you must think I’m stupid if you expect me to believe that! I saw you with my own eyes; so, there’s no point denying it.”
“You saw me out with a friend, and that’s it!”

“A friend you know my feelings about, as this is not the first time we’re discussing him, and who you promised you wouldn’t see again; so, you lied to me, plain and simple! To top it off, you did it out in the open, so not just me, but my wife as well, could see how you played me for a fool! I mean I had just spent three nights with you, and the minute I left, you were out with another man, like a revolving door; one out, the next one in!”

I understood why David was mad, but he was now being vulgar and hitting below the belt, and that got me mad and wanting to hit back too.

“You’re acting like you were out by yourself....,” I began, but he cut me off. “I was out with my wife, the mother of my first, second and third born, not some floozy looking to get laid; so, it’s hardly the same thing!” he snapped.

“And I was out with a friend; as for your wife, if she’s all that, then why were you here with me for all those nights before then?” I shot back challengingly.

His eyes narrowed, and he didn’t respond for a few seconds, before coldly answering: “That’s what I’m beginning to ask myself as well.”


My main goal in going to the apartment had been to see Junior and hear what Julie had to say for herself, but while I succeeded in the first, nothing Julie said made me feel any better about her and what I had seen at that lounge.

She had not offered an apology because she insisted the doctor was just a friend; so, she had not done anything wrong, but I knew what I had seen, and that voided everything she said.

However, even more disturbing than her denying what I knew was a fact, was the attitude with which she did so; Julie had always been honest, soft, gentle, eager to please and appease; it was what I had found most attractive about her, but that afternoon, it was like she had turned off that side of her, and turned on one I had not seen before – and definitely did not like.

She had not just been defensive, but confrontational as well, even going as far as to attack my marriage, and compare it to what she had going on with that doctor.

The sheer audacity of it was infuriating, and while I managed to control myself physically (probably because I had Junior on my knee at the time), I was immediately determined to put her back in her place, and swiftly did so.

As gratifying as that was to do, I knew that I was still in a catch-22 position as no matter how mad I was at Julie, because of Junior I could not just cut her off financially, and yet at the same time, there was no way I was going to let another man reap where I was sowing, so I had to find a way to put a stop to it.

I had always controlled Julie with money, but with her newfound attitude that clearly was not working anymore. It was time to return to the drawing board and up the ante.


It is crazy how you can think you have full confidence in your marriage and your partner until that confidence is put to the test and suddenly vanishes.

Things had been going great between David and I ever since he had discovered that his girlfriend was a whore; he came straight home from work, spent time with the children and me, and our sex life was great; so, I was sure he was not getting that anywhere else.

In short, I should have been confident that our marriage was once again on solid ground – and I was – until Tracy, who normally went on our stock shopping trips in Dubai, could not make the trip as her mother was ill, and asked me to go in her place.

Suddenly, all I could think of was that I could not leave David on his own for a week, and although my argument to Tracy was that David would need help with the children, and that the children needed me, the truth of the matter was that I just did not trust David not to go running back to her the minute I was not around to monitor him.

“I’m sure they can survive for a week without you; I mean it’s not like David will be entirely on his own without help. You have a maid who’ll do the cooking, cleaning and laundry; so, really, I’m sure they’ll be fine,” Tracy argued.

“I know, but you know how maids are; if you’re not there to supervise them, they don’t do anything right.”
“True, but they’ll just have to manage because there’s really no way I can go this time; my mum is really ill and I’m all she’s got,” she insisted firmly.

“I know, but maybe we can just postpone the trip until she’s better,” I suggested hopefully.
“You know the state of our stock at the moment; if we’re postponing the trip, we might as well close down until we can make it, and I don’t know how long my mum is going to be ill,” she answered in exasperation, and I knew then she had me, and that I would have to go after all.

“Fine, I’ll go,” I caved in, my heart sinking as I did so.

David had not given me any reason to doubt him of late; so, why was I convinced that I was going to regret agreeing to go on this trip?


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